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Inner Voice

Clues given by the "Idols" are always meant for some reason, are always helpful and for the betterment. But we never consider them - may be because our EGO is more dominating than our Soul's voice.
Our Mind wants logic for every thing & if it is not fed at very moment then it suppresses our pure Soul's voice and finally we follow our Mind inspite of Soul.
But when we encounter with that particular situation, about which we were already aware by the Idol, that time we actually realise why it was said.
I think following our Idols "Blindly" , yes "blindly" prevent us from so many adverse situations in life and hence we can lead our life in a better way.
But the problem lies, if we will follow blindly then what about our EGO. Mind always tries to dominate on us and around in 90% of cases we follow our Mind inspite of our Soul and hence we keep on encountering the troublsome situations in life, but still we don't want to follow our Soul.