Wednesday, January 7, 2009


It really hurts when you find, that you are absolutely unable to give happiness and satisfaction to those people who loves you and in return you also adore them. But you can't help it, because what nature wants you to do, you are doing the same and the worst part is this that your loved ones don't want you to do it.

Then, What to do, How to react, How to tackle such situations?

It is really a big question mark.

I mean you are not at all going in a wrong direction, you know that you are on the right track and somehow, somewhere they also know that you are not wrong. Only the circumstances are reflecting the negative picture or else I can say that you don't want to see and show the real picture.
I think the negative point is this that, you do not accept the situations. You want everything according to your needs and priorities. Things hurt when you do not take things, the way they really are. The moment you start accepting things, the situations become easier for you and you will be out of it. Situations themselves will help you to solve your problems.

When you give "Him" (The Almighty) a chance to solve your problems, he not only solves it, but also vanish the upcoming tribulations in your life.

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